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exhibitions from 22 March until 27 May 2020

Coming exhibitions from 22 March until 27 May 2020 at Galerie Marzee
Opening Sunday 22 March 2020 from 4 pm.

Annelies Planteijdt – “Beautiful City – Water” 

Annelies Planteijdt’s statement about her new series of work is short but sweet: “everything is fluid”. Nothing in life is fixed and things are constantly shifting, a pertinent theme in this time of crisis.

Annelies Planteijdt, Beautiful City – Silver Water, 2020, necklace; fine silver, 8ct white gold, 640 mm

Piet Dieleman – “Repetition and Difference”

Repetition and difference, Piet Dieleman’s new work is based on these two concepts. Constant repetitions in the work respond to the variability of differences. The circles on the surface attempt to create a space behind the canvas while the piercing of the monochrome field questions the flatness of the colour. In Dieleman’s paintings there is tension between the circles on the canvas and the canvas’ rectangular shape and this tension finds its resolution in an infinite number of combinations. His paintings are based on a continuous landscape. The repetition of forms in the various works suggest a continuation from one canvas to another – the edge of the painting is only a physical condition from which the contents would like to escape.

Image of Dieleman’s studio

Karola Torkos

Karola Torkos is known for her often brightly coloured work. For this new series, Torkos has again made use of coloured scraps of plastic, (precious) metals and enamel, which she combines to form beautiful necklaces.

Karola Torkos, untitled, 2020, necklace; mild steel, enamel, gold, recycled plastic, L 1280 mm (unfolded)

Annamaria Leiste – “Behütet” (Guarded)

The title of this exhibition by Annamaria Leiste can be translated as “guarded”. Leiste considers these brooches as protectors of the heart. They resemble 16 different pieces of headwear and are the same size as real hats. She has woven silver with perishable materials such as vegetable fibres as well as linen. Worn, the silver interior of the brooch cannot be seen until the fibres start to decay and wear away and the core becomes visible on the outside. Change is something that happens every day, a theme that we are all more acutely aware of than ever.

Annamaria Leiste, Behütet (Guarded), 2020, brooches; silver, various fibres, approximately 320 x 295 x 95 mm

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Marzee at FRAME Schmuck Munich 2020 – cancelled –


FRAME at Schmuck
Since 1959 the Handwerkskammer für München und Oberbayern presents the special exhibition SCHMUCK at the International Trade Fair in Munich (IHM). The International Trade Fair is the center of a multitude of activities and exhibitions being organised there and elsewhere scattered in and around the city of Munich every year during Schmuck. SCHMUCK at the Internationale Handwerksmesse functions as a central hub and meeting place for artists, collectors and curators in the field of contemporary art jewellery.

FRAME at Schmuck, a selection of renowned galleries on contemporary art jewellery, is positioned around the most prominent exhibitions at Schmuck in Munich: SCHMUCK, EXEMPLA, TALENTE and MEISTER DER MODERNE.

All events at the IHM have been cancelled due to the spread of the coronavirus/Covid-19 and the accompanying urgent recommendation of the crisis management team of the Bavarian State Government.

download (pdf) the press release for more information