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exhibitions from 12 January until 18 March 2020

Exhibitions from 12 January until 18 March 2020 at Galerie Marzee
Opening Sunday 12 January 2020 from 4 pm.

Iris Bodemer – Past and Present – jewellery
Rudolf Kocéa – Clowns – jewellery
Anders Ljungberg – Distinctions – objects and jewellery
ADBK Nuremberg – Class Suska Mackert – Monotasking – jewellery and objects

From this link you can download a list of the new works presented at the exhibitions of Iris Bodemer, Rudolf Kocéa and Andres Ljungberg. Because the exhibition of the student of Nuremberg was sensing jewellery whitout seeing jewellery, we can not show pictures of the works that were ‘on display’. 
Should you have any questions about the list, or would you like to inquire about any of the pieces, please contact us. The prices stated include VAT. If we deliver outside the European Union, VAT is not applicable. 

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