Karin Johansson – Abstractions of a City

In the beginning, a variety of many-coloured images of a city: meeting points, streets, people, blue skies, night and day.
Staying in a playful mood, capturing the pulse, the movement, or the silence. Sketching, cutting paper, creating a map of sorts in my studio, micro, and macro at once as my perspective.
Picking out colours, choosing materials, thinking about my purpose, reflecting on meanings and limitations.
Giving each element its shape, assigning it a size and its place, connecting it further to circle in something of this scene.
Having it all transform into a necklace seemed only most obvious to me: no up, no down, wrapped around me, playing, constantly detouring in new directions.
Wearing the object, I become the inhabitant of the new place.
Karin Johansson

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Karin Johansson – Abstractions of a City
paperback, 32 x 25 cm, 40 p, full colour

This book is part of the graphic design collection of the Neue Sammlung Munich.

ISBN 978-91-637-8137-7