Winfried Krüger – No Title

224 pages
225 x 295 mm
412 illustrations in color and black and white
German and English
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The work of Winfried Krüger is unpretentious and unadapted in the context of contemporary jewellery. For the first time, his various jewelry series will be presented in a comprehensive retrospective and the development of his own jewellery language will be told.

Winfried Krüger (born 1944) belongs to the generation of jewellery artists who witnessed the birth of avant-garde jewellery in the 1960s. The skilled jeweler goldsmith emancipated himself from precision, subtlety and other virtues of his craft and let his creativity run wild. But he also did not bow to jewellery, but still moves freely and skillfully between jewellery, drawing, painting and staging. With technical sophistication he implements his ideas, the portability of his pieces is subordinated.

Jewelry is omnipresent to Krüger. From the profile of a shoe brine to fence mesh in Italy to the equipment of a sci-fi movie – in everything he finds inspiration. Even shadows that are only vaguely different from their surroundings can be translated into metal. This results in extraordinary works of art that show a modern, novel understanding of jewellery in dealing with the elements of idea, form, material and surface, which he taught his students for more than 20 years as a teacher at the Berufskolleg für Design in Pforzheim, Germany.

Nevertheless, Winfried Krüger has always made himself scarce as far as the publication of his work is concerned. For the first time, the present monograph presents the artist’s work in a comprehensive retrospective focusing on works from the last 20 years.

With contributions by Cornelie Holzach, Sigrid Kopittke, Barbara Maas and Ralf-Rainer Odenwald, foreword by Marie-José van den Hout.

Interview with Winfried Küger on Art Jewelry Forum