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The Marzee International Graduate Show 2018 19 August – 31 October 2018

19 August until 31 October 2018 at Galerie Marzee – opening Sunday 19 August at 4 pm

The Marzee International Graduate Show
The annual Marzee International Graduation Show, is the highlight of our exhibition calendar, and has grown from a modest affair to an event unparallelled in size and scope. This year’s show presents a selection of jewellery and objects by this year’s graduates from art schools and academies from Europe, US, Asia and Australia.

  • Veronika Fabian, BA Central Saint Martins, London, United Kingdom  Chains for an Average Woman  Inspired by my own artistic journey, this collection is based on the notion of a woman’s relationship to self-identity, chained as it is to the female personas of our time. I transform traditional chains to explore contemporary female archetypes and roles in the context of a fragmented postmodern identity. The different social roles are interpreted as pieces of jewellery, using the symbolism of chains to question the influence of mass media over our individual and collective identities, and to ask whether women are more liberated or constrained in our modern society. Veronika Fabian

Galerie Marzee is unique in its support for emerging young talent and since 1986 the Marzee International Graduate Show has offered the best new graduates their first opportunity to exhibit in a world-renowned gallery. During the opening we will also award the Marzee Graduate Prize to this year’s most promising students.

  • Yip Hiu Tung, MA Alchimia, Scuola di Gioielleria Contemporanea, Florence, Italy showing her: Look Gently #14, 2018 brooch; paper, silver, cold enamel, steel, varnish “I think there is a very delicate process to knowing, and being known by someone; the process of interaction and bonding. We touch their personal bubble, not too fast, or it will be intruding; not too slowly, or they may slip away. It may be slightly awkward, possibly intimidating, and likely to require courage and patience. I borrow eyespots from animals who need its protective mimicry because sometimes we all need a bit of protection, a bit of camouflage. Look at my brooch, and maybe me?”  Yip Hiu Tung

See the list of this year’s participating schools, graduates and Marzee Graduate Prize-winners of 2018